Is This The End?

Life can be really weird sometimes, you know? When you look back on your life, you probably can picture a time when things kinda just worked out. Then there are times when you’ve got everything planned and it STILL doesn’t go according to plan. Today I want to talk about the latter.

You ever get mad because you feel like someone or something is blocking your blessing? Let me tell ya broski, I’ve had that happen to me more times than I can count. Hell, we all have. It’s pretty much how basically every famous person becomes successful.

Take Oprah for example. She was fired from her job as a journalist before she started her own show. Or Colonel Sanders, he didn’t start KFC till his 60s after starting (and failing in) over 100 other businesses. Let’s not forget Steve Jobs who was kicked out of his own company! 

The punch line here is that there may be times when it seems like something is not gonna go your way. It happens, we’re not perfect. Besides, the most beautiful thing about life is the randomness of it all anyway. The main thing to consider here is that when you just do everything with the right intention and don’t stop to complain about your current situation, you eventually will be rewarded by having everything work out the way that it’s supposed to.

Jerry “working it out” Washington

P.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that if it weren’t for mentors, we probably wouldn’t have heard of any of the names above. For instance, Oprah’s agent (and mentor) was the one that had told her to go and start her own show. Had she listened to her instinct, however, she would have found another job as a journalist and we likely wouldn’t know who she is today. The point is that just as long as you keep good company, you’ll always somehow end up winning. Talk soon…

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