Revenge And All His Friends

Have you ever been assaulted? I mean like for no reason, no previous instigation, simple assault, and battery.
Its happened to me.
It may have happened to you as well, but in any case, many questions come up when thinking back to this particular event.
You see, I may have stretched the truth a little bit when I said earlier that I didn’t do anything to instigate the situation. I may have said something about someone before it all went down…
It was a big dude; about 6’5″ 300 lbs.  He was about to fight someone and he took his shirt off and all you saw was a big round belly and a hairy chest.
So I pointed and said that he looked like a hairy potato with arms. The people around me cracked up!! Hell, I thought it was pretty funny too…
Some other big dude maybe about 3/4ths the other guy’s size  (but still 3 times my size) comes around wearing an ill-fitting tan shirt. Ahhhh Daaaaaammmnnnnn…
Just my luck, I mean really? Out of all the days and all the places, two potato people in one place!

Now, this guy comes strolling past me with this look like he wants to rip my lips off and string my tongue around my neck until my head pops off.

I go about my business finishing my conversation, just then this guy comes out of nowhere and chops me to the chest while he kicks me in the back of the knees.
What tha…?
Apparently, he was a buddy of Mr. Tan Shirt because as I backward barrel rolled out of the whole situation (I’m was on American Ninja Warrior for a reason) to flip back up to my feet, I turned to see him a both of them have surrounded me with a devious smirk.
I was not about to get into the middle of that sandwich so I got my track star on and beat concrete.
Its a crazy situation, but you know it just goes to show what happens when people are insecure in their situation.
You may have heard me talk about how people are all liars. Lying, saying you’re  happy when really a lot of people are all just as pissed about their situation as Mr. Tan Shirt.
He was triggered by a statement not even meant for him. Was it wrong? Maybe…
Funny? Definitely
But not to him. And that’s the problem with many people today. I’ll have you consider that if you are not happy where you currently are, then the truth is your only option.
Or else eventually, you’re gonna be infamously triggered by someone and possibly do something that you’ll probably regret for the rest of your life.
What would happen if when this guy attacked me and the police would have been there?
Or worse, a lawyer HA!
Either way, there are some serious consequences to your actions that you may not even consider until you’ve blown your lid and destroyed everything you love around you.
It’s up to you to decide when the pain of where you are is greater than the pain of transitioning to where you want to be.
I can help.
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Jerry “revenge is for cowards” Washington
P.S. I know it’s easy to be triggered sometimes. You may feel that someone has mistreated you or that you are trying hard while other people don’t have to try at all. Whatever your perception, instead of being triggered by situations, try carrying your own personal weather with you.  It may sound new-agey, but it’s probably one of the oldest keys to success. Talk soon…

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