Put Some “Spec” On It

We’re all equal and we all deserve mutual respect when in a conversation. You may not get the respect at first, but if you commit to finding a solution that works for you AND the other person, you’ll find...

By Jerry, ago

Time To Grow Up

In life, whether you're advancing or not, you will always keep moving forward. Time is a constant for all of us. If you're expecting the things that got you to where you are now to work in taking you to where you wanna go, well then you might be a bit disappointed.

By Jerry, ago

For The Love Of…

But why do we do things like that, that aren't good for us? I'm sure you can probably rattle off one or two things that you've done recently that aren't the best things for you. It's like you know they don't work for you, but you still do them anyway. Is it because you aren't motivated to change?

By Jerry, ago