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I have done personal training with Jerry Washington for about 7 years hard to remember now. I have admired his flexibility to work with many different clients. He is comfortable with me a 60+ year old woman whose goal is to maintain myself as a strong healthy woman and with younger clients who have specific fitness targets to achieve and surpass. Following my major cardiac surgery, he ingeniously developed a modified training program I could do at home to regain my energy and strength. Jerry’s emphasis is on whole body movement and strength, to enable a person to continue to be as strong and active as she can He is unfailingly positive, even in the face of personal adversity on his part or on the part of his clients, which can occasionally be annoying if one is committed to having a grumpy day but hardly something to complain about.

Gene Bishop


Jerry Washington has taken training and my fitness to a new level. He has taken my age into account to give me an experience that matches my physical needs. Jerry has taken a great interest into developing a program that emphasizes flexibility as well as cardio capability. He even is serving an internship with a chiropractor in order to develop new exercises. In order to do this, we devote one half hour session just for stretching and it has proven to be a worthwhile investment. I would recommend Jerry to anyone who is serious about maintaining a desired quality of life well into one’s senior years. We have been preparing for hitting 60 for a few years and now that I am here, I do not even feel close to my age.

Larry Ceisler

Jerry Washington is a committed, knowledgeable, enthusiastic trainer who makes the experience fun, interesting and always wonderful. He tailors programs to individual fitness levels, he monitors progress, encourages people to do their best and he mixes up the exercises. No two days are ever the same. [Working out with him] is the absolute best and it changes lives for the better. I love it!

Fran B

Jerry does a great job in managing exercise and coaching on diet. They work together and he doesn’t let you forget that. Moreover, Jerry offers suggestions to fit the customer, but not based on special or expensive equipment. Lastly, Jerry offers a holistic approach to health and fitness that is fun.

Terry B

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