F.E.A.R. What Are You Gonna Do?


We all face it. Some run from it, some rise in spite of it.

Why the difference??

Well, some of it is biological, but at the end of the day it all boils down to resiliency.

You see, broheim, everyone wants a simple solution.

People often will give more time/money for the simple way.

But what if I told you that all those simple ways, simply don’t work?

Yeah, I know…shocking right?


So What Does Work?

Well, the issue is that when people find themselves in a comfort zone, they tend to use the same tactics and systems over and over again.

It’s like if you were in a big box that was super comfortable and all you tried to do to get out was stare real hard at the seams. It doesn’t work and neither does running from your issues.

Ultimately, comfort is a factor of fear. I would have you consider that what might be holding you back is not a lack of available solutions, but a fear of what other people might think of you if you step outside that box.

It’s tough to imagine sometimes, but yes, it is possible to defy expectations and be your own person that steps outside of the box.

You can be the type of person that instead of running from issues, can rise up and try new solutions.


It’s by first absolutely not caring what other people think while simultaneously understanding what everyone thinks.

It’s knowing that everyone is just as afraid as you are to step outside of that box, while still daring to rise out of it.

People will deflect their own insecurities on you when you do. All the attention’s gonna be on you Bro Namath and you’ve got to stay on your path or live a life of mediocrity alongside them.

It’s tough, I know, but I can help you with one simple tip. Start by simply keeping good company.

You can find yourself a crew that can help you conquer and crush it for sure. They’re headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

Wanna join? Check the link below in the P.S.

Jerry “outside the box” Washington

P.S. I believe you to be a unique individual, but if you want to act like it, you have to find a group of people that aren’t afraid to be individuals. It’s when you have a group that makes you feel comfortable that you can actually step outside your comfort zone. If you’d like to get hints and tips that will help you gain a new perspective on life, check out my daily email Jerry’s Jems (still working on the name) subscribe by clicking the link here.Talk soon…

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