Post Holiday Hustle

Ok so you caught me.


I’m not really writing this after the holidays.


Right now, I’m probably swapping stories with 


The fam and eating things that I tell my clients to avoid 😝



NE hoo…as I sit here in my make shift home office that doubles


As Frankie’s bed room, I think about what the new year will bring.


And how this last year really saw some pretty dramatic changes.



Prince, David Bowie, Arnold Palmer, Kimbo Slice, Alan Thicke


To name a few, will unfortunately not be here to see how it is exactly


That we will “Make America Great Again,” but for all of our sakes


I most certainly hope that we can at the very least


Start to think about making ourselves great…



Speaking of which, you know that that’s kinda what I do


Help people everyday with my training program to find their inner greatness. 


I’ve been at it for years but it was every year around this time 


That I would start to question how great I was making my own life. 



You see, broham it was around the holidays when I’d start to panic.


My clients would go on vacation and I would be left scrambling trying to


Save money for vacation, presents, and to live off until my clients got back.



But this year was something different. 


I wasn’t concerned with the holiday hustle.


Today, I just finished planning a two week vacation that


Undoubtedly, will help to increase my effectiveness for next year.



So what’s my secret? 


Do I plan on not eating for the next few months?


Is my dog Frankie gonna get a job as an Uber driver to help pick up the slack?



Well, neither (Frankie is a terrible driver anyway), You see the thing is


That recently I’ve found a superpower and I’ve been using it to help


Myself and my clients to succeed far past where they’ve been performing



Now this isn’t to brag, it’s to show you that there is a better way out there


And there are people that are genuinely excelling simply because they


Have themselves, found their own superpowers while being a part of


My private Facebook group Project SELFFY



I know it’s hard to imagine that a Facebook group could change your life


But check out one of the recent comments that just made me smile:


“I was just telling [my boyfriend] how our coaching sessions actually led me toward being happier 

And more successful at work and realizing I should hold off on [other projects] for now- which is the opposite

Of how I thought it would turn out when we started! Self discovery is a process and it can take some digging

To figure even our own selves out!!”


Your superpower, when activated defeats…the dreaded Disappoint Man.

The dude that tries to take your goals from the beginning of the year

And turn them into disappointment.


You ready to stop the hustle and disappointment?


Find your superpower here: Project SELFFY
Jerry “post holiday chill” Washington



P.S. I’m gonna talk a little more about this super power tomorrow.

It’s changed my life in a way that I really didn’t realize until recently

And I want you to understand how it can work for you. If you aren’t

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