Tropical Scrambled Eggs

So…here’s my first attempt at a


As I’m writing this, I’m thinking a

Couple of things

1) This might be better as a video or blog

2) Maybe all that we knew about nutrition is wrong

I’m thinking both of these things because I try to keep

These emails short (under 300 words)

Alas, I just used up 75 words right there  :-/

So here we go Coconut oil vs. Olive Oil

We’re gonna keep this simple and go with just cooking because

Both of these oils are so versatile around the kitchen

If we’re going on taste,

I’m a coconut oil fan

Everything has a little tropical aftertaste

Health benefits are what we’re really looking at here though

So here is a tip

When purchasing olive oil or coconut oil you have to

Remember one thing and one thing only compadre

Stay away from hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils

That’s where they add a hydrogen molecule or two

To liquid oil so that it can become a solid, no idea why

But that shit’s bad man and it makes this thing called

Trans fat, that’s really bad and very, very hard to burn

When in doubt hombre,

Go EVO (that’s Extra Virgin Oil)

No hydrogen, just good stuff

Well umm…that’s my review.

If you’re really interested in learning more

I found a few entertaining links (I left in the P.S.)

That offer a little more depth on the benefits to both oils

Stay vigilant my friends!

Jerry “amateur reviewer” Washington

P.S. Here are those links I promised.

Coconut oil vs. Olive Oil:

A little about oil in general : Talk soon…

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