Handouts Do Not Equal Helping Out

I’ve always wanted to help people

After college I took a job implementing

A behavioral health program in an inner city school

The kids were awesome

I learned so much from those kids

I was just coming out of a college where

There was about 2% minority population

Talk about culture shock.

My position within the organization

Was that of care coordinator

The job is exactly as it sounds

Whatever care these kids needed,

I coordinated for them.

Now there were two sides to this job,

One was interacting with the kids

And the other side was interacting with the parents

And other outside agencies that had dealt

With the kids beforehand

Setting up the program took a little work,

But we eventually got everyone on the same page

There were interesting observations that could be drawn

From these interactions.

What I learned was that the kids who had the most interactive parents

Actually had a harder time adjusting to yet another program,

I mean think about it if you had a bunch of people “helping you”

Who would be your “go-to?”

Anywho, we were really trying to help, but the problem

Was that although about 95% of the parents

Knew they needed help

Only about 10% of them actually acted on our

Attempts to give it to them.

Why? Well we had a few requirements

And one of them one them was parent interaction

Many of the parents simply were satisfied that we

Were providing them with help and thought nothing

Of actually implementing any strategies or worse,

Never even showed up to meetings

These people did not want help

They wanted a handout

They were looking for a magical “cure”

For their problems and didn’t think it was

Their responsibility to make any changes on their own

You see, we all need help to make a change,

But we can’t expect that change to be made for us

You have to kind of…well…you know


You can’t just


Or hope it gets done for you

Change only comes when you want it for yourself.

I am here to help you make that change and I’ve created

The General Fitness program to help those that are ready

To help themselves.

We’ve been doing it for 9 years now and we have some

Pretty happy campers 🙂

If you are ready to make a significant change in your life

And are willing to put in the work.

Click here: http://generalfitnesscompany.com/

Jerry “I don’t do handouts” Washington

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