The Pain Of Progress

A= π r 2 Something that none of us knew growing up

But as we got older and got more education, we learned 

That that’s the formula to find the area of a circle. 


I’m thinking of so many things on this ” #πsnowday”

In Philadelphia, one of them being that I maybe 

Overdid it a little trying to shovel both

My and my neighbor’s yard. 


So as I’m stretching on my foam roller  

(hot tip on that if you continue reading)

There was something interesting that came to 

 Mind about the path to success and getting

 What you want when you want.


Life’s all about your ability to sometimes

Experience pain without flinching.


You see stretching is sometimes sooo painful

Like I’ll avoid it sometimes, even though I know

With every fiber of my being that it’s good for me.

You can probably see where I’m going with this.


Stretching is painful, but so are mistakes sometimes

You see, growth is normally experienced through

One or two mistakes that cause us pain.


Because we don’t want to experience that pain again

You simply find a way to either avoid (not foam roll)

Or cope (take pain meds)


Neither of those solutions actually tackles the issue

But what’s most important here is what we find when

Growth is necessary in life.


It’s through pain that we find our release and that

Release ultimately leads to more freedom.


Whether it be with greater range of motion or

An emotional release from an issue that’s been

On your mind for some time.

Your freedom depends on your ability to grow

Despite how uncomfortable it always will seem


Jerry “pain release” Washington


P.S. About that foam rolling tip.

Foam rolling is remarkably like tenderizing meat.

No, comment…ne hoo one thing you want to consider

Is the direction your rolling. You never want to roll

With the muscle fiber only perpendicular. For instance

If you want to roll your back, don’t go side to side, go up

And down. Use this info wisely. Talk soon…

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