What Tha What?


Man, let me tell you what really grinds my gears…

Slow internet.

Just kidding, but I’ve been having an issue with my internet lately

And it’s really been putting a damper on my performance.


Alas, I’ve found a solution! Whiteboards and books lol.

But seriously though, sometimes we run into trouble

We’ve all been at that point where you’re sitting there

Staring off into space trying to figure out what the fuck to do.


But, there are always solutions.


So the key is to get quiet for a moment

And find the solution.

Sometimes it will work out, sometimes you’ll just learn

And sometimes you’ll work it out, learn, and get a few



What I want you to consider is that we’re all really

Just doing our best, honestly.

Even if it seems to you that someone is doing something

Out of spite, or out of hate, or out of luck.

We’re all just functioning the best way we know how.


I started the General Fitness Company just for that reason

You know it just seemed like a good idea to try and

Help people make better decisions in their own lives

So I could selfishly enhance my own life.

I see that if the people around me are elevating their mindset

Then everyone lives a little more enlightened and we’re all

A little bit happier.


It first starts with a conversation however.

I would like you to consider being a part of the conversation

That is literally changing people’s lives.

You can be a part of this intimate group all you have to do

Is click the link below.

Project SELFFY


Jerry “doing mah best” Washington


P.S. I appreciate you, yes you broham for reading.

Not everyone is as forward thinking as you are

For reading something that might enrich your life and

Help others with actual usable information. If you’d

Like to have a personal conversation, I’d love to chat

With you about some sticking points you may have

In your current endeavours. Click here to get in contact

With me personally. Talk soon…


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