The Easiest Way To Make 6 Figures…

Ok, the title of this one might have sparked

A few people’s interest and today

I’m going to talk about how to make money.

Lots of it!


I’m not selling you on some get rich quickie

It’s the truth and it’s actually very simple. 


You see, I’ve seen a lot of people deal with 

All kinds of obstacles in life, but the one that

Gets most people is money. 


Yeah we all know it’s a tool to happiness.

But you know what else it is?

A promise. 

A promise to exchange goods/services 

At a future date for something right now.


But many people just stop there and think

That to make lots of money, they just have to 

Work really hard and serve a lot of people.

Find what people like and do it over and over.

I know I thought that way until I learned

This one thing.


Ok well actually let me back up for a second

Because it is pretty much finding what people

Like and doing it over and over…BUT

And that’s a Nikki Manage/JLo sized but

It’s not what you think.


You see, let’s say for instance say you were

Working on a project and worked really hard.

You put it out into the world and

Nobody likes it, in fact they hate it.

Are you likely to make a profit?

Probably not.


How about if you work on a project

You hate and the world loves.

Are you likely to make money?

Sure, but you might not be happy for long.


So what’s the secret?

Well it’s quite simply one thing.

Know thyself and give of thyself.

What do I mean here?


You see, Broca-cola you have to know yourself

You know, likes and dislikes, what drives you…


No matter which way you slice it, if you’re

Trying to be someone you’re not, then people

Sense that and either you or they will have a

Real problem being happy with what you’re doing.


Honestly, there’s nobody in the world

That EVERYBODY gets along with so

The best thing is to find who you do get

Along with and help them out.


Help them by developing your talents and

Using your passion to create a way for

Someone to benefit from your unique talent(s).


It’s really as simple as

1) Be authentic

2) Develop your passion

3) Find people who are like you

4) Create a way to help them

5) Feel good (fulfilled)

6) Make money as you repeat the process.


Not as difficult as many people make it out to be right?

But sometimes we just have to sit down and actually

Think about what makes us happy and fulfilled

Because it’s likely that someone like you is out there

Looking for the same thing you are.


Jerry “laughing (with you) to the bank” Washington


P.S. I feel like I could do a better job explaining this

But honestly it took me a while to understand it

I mean more than just conceptualize it because

I just kept believing that if I worked hard enough

That making lots of money Or at least enough to

Make me happy would be inevitable.


I could go on, but honestly that’s why I created a group

So that I could help people begin to take that journey

Towards fulfillment and away from money chasing.


If that sounds interesting to you and you would like to

Learn more about what you can do to find fulfillment

AND make more money. Join the conversation here.

Talk soon…

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