Numb (What are you feeling?)

Lately I’ve been going pretty hard getting back into ninja shape. I’ve been eating much healthier and I’ve been working out a lot more consistently.

The thing is though that I’m starting to realize that my body doesn’t bounce back like it once did.

I tell ya, it seemed like just yesterday when I could go out all night, then go to class all day, then still whip everyone on the track and at meets.

That’s not bragging, it’s the sad truth. Kinda wonder what would have happened if I took my training more serious in the past.

But I digress…

You see chico, I’m tired of not paying attention to my body. Too often now, the first thing that we are prescribed is something that handles acute or pressing issues instead of the underlying cause.

It’s like the general theme in everyday life now is to sedate yourself enough for the next 24 hours to get you through the day.

To ease the pain of not doing exactly what we want to do

Lighten the pressure of not being exactly what we want to be

Dissuade ourselves from feeling bad because the things we do are not fulfilling


I want to feel something dammit! So I’m throwing away my Ibuprofen as I write this.

Now I’m not crazy, I’m not just gonna walk around in pain all day now (at least I hope not)

But I’ve been listening to a few books on tape and watching a few seminars on meditation. I think I’m ready since I’ve read a few articles on how to do it, because honestly as recently as 3 weeks ago I probably knew as much about meditation as this guy:

Anywho, the whole lesson today is here that your body never lies. Pain, fatigue, weight gain, these are all things that you just can’t fake. You have to deal with the underlying issue or the problems will just keep coming back.

Believe it or not, I know you have some issue that you are dealing with because we all have something.

I’m dealing with a new found interest in meditation.

How are you dealing?

May I suggest by starting here: http://generalfitnesscompany

Jerry “ohhhhhmmmmm” Washington

P.S. Tune in later where I explain the easiest way to get a promotion at work. Talk soon…

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