Good Boy…

So many emotions going through my head right now.


I didn’t think I could keep it together to write today


Why you ask?



Well, my best friend of 10 years died today.



If you know me, you know how much I love my family.


I guess I kinda never thought of Frankie as family.


I mean he was more like a roommate that just kinda ate my food.



But he was more than that.


He was a best friend that always listened.


He was a workout partner when I didn’t feel like going back to the gym


He was an intimidating presence that scared people on the streets


And cuddled visitors when they came over (sometimes too much)



There is so much that I can go on to say about Frankie


But at this moment, we should ALL take this opportunity to


To learn from the greatest teacher of all time.






I’ve learned that dogs don’t always come when you want them to


And neither does anything else in life, but you always get what you need.



Now, in my experience there have been millions of successful people that



Have managed to develop something far greater than a game of fetch.




They have taken experiences, theirs and those of others and have


Shaped them into assets that create value for themselves.



How have your experiences shaped your life?


Can you say you’ve learned from them and turned them into value?



These are two difficult questions that every successful person answers


And then subsequently (nice word) gains fulfillment


By sharing, learning, and growing.



If you feel like you aren’t doing all of these things on a daily basis


I would encourage to consider that my private Facebook group



Project SELFFY is a place where people have been

Getting regular practice tuning experience into value.
Wanna be a part and discuss how people like you can learn
And apply the principles to success?
We take lessons from greats like
Warren Buffett
Mahatma Ghandi
Mother Theresa
Martin Luther King Jr.
and many more authors and all-time great thinkers.
We are all learning together because
Groups that learn together
Grow together
Click the link below to grow through all-time great experience:
Jerry “Petless” Washington
P.S. I really can’t even think straight, but I can’t say enough about
The outpouring of love, support, and kind words in respect to my
Situation with Frankie. Sincerely, thank you everyone. Talk soon…

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