One Drop…

“You ever laugh so hard you fart?” One of my friends asked me. I say no, then he tells me that he did when he read my email yesterday.

It’s funny because, when I first starting writing these way back when, I told very few people about it.

Hell, I still haven’t even told my mom. But, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want me saying half the stuff I put in here so she can stay in the dark on this one.

I didn’t tell anyone, because I was afraid and I wanted an easy out.

Then I got my first positive response and that was awesome.

Shortly after, I had a third of my list unsubscribe. (Bummer)

When I saw those people unsubscribe, I got motivated.

The emails evolved from explicit rants about what bothers me about the fitness industry to more of a mix of anecdotes with the occasional rant on the side. The emails are now easier and because it’s an expression of my thoughts and views it’s in a way, therapeutic.

The fact remains that my goal is to help you (and sometimes myself) to understand that there is better that exists for you than what you and I currently see in front of us.

If I wrote just once and gave up because nobody responded (which is exactly what happened) I would have not had the opportunity to get in contact with people like yourself that decided that if I’m trying, they could try something too.

You see doodle bug, a flood doesn’t just happen…it starts with a single raindrop.

It starts with one decision,

One positive action,

Which leads to many other actions that spell success.

Just like these emails, they are free, but now they require more than a click of the mouse.

If you’re interested in being a part of something that has become somewhat famous because of the inspiring people it has already attracted, I would suggest you consider clicking here:

There is real power in numbers. I’m telling you care bear. Even in training.

I’ve found that even as my clients have begun to transition from individual training, to group training, their accountability has gone up.

They show up to train more and now are even more excited to train than ever.

One raindrop can make a flood, but it will never be more than a raindrop on its own.
Jerry “This is bigger than you or me” Washington

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