The “Real” News

So I got wind of something very significant today.

Everything in America is fake.

Let me ‘splaineth broseph. One of my buddies told me today that she found out that everything in our beloved Independence Hall (home of the liberty bell) is a replica.

When I heard that, I just about fainted. No way, not in the good ‘ole U.S. of A. Birthplace of freedom, can something so sacred like the liberty bell in be fake.

I mean it’s in Philadelphia for Christ’s sake! You don’t get more real than the home of Rocky, William Penn, and Will Smith.

You’ve got castles built hundreds of years ago still standing and you’ve got pyramids from thousands of years ago that look almost the same as the day they were built.

And you can’t even keep a building up for less than 250 years without having to restore it several times?

What’s going on here?

I’ll answer my own question here if you don’t mind.

It’s called planned obsolescence. It’s the reason why you have to buy new light bulbs every few years. Actually, that’s a semi truth. Gonna go off topic for a sec and drop some knowledge on you.

GE is actually the reason why we have to buy light bulbs every few years. Long historical story short, GE bought up all the patents for these long lasting light bulbs back in the day in favor of using these far less effective bulbs we use today. In fact, one of those original bulbs still shines today in California. You can actually see it here:

Any who, as I was saying earlier,  planned obsolescence pretty much means that manufacturers makes stuff that you have to buy again and again.

Think of all those batteries and cell phones you have in your junk drawer (you know you have one) that’s a prime example of planned obsolescence.

It reminds me of what I see in the fitness world nowadays.

Seems like there is a new fitness craze every six months and none of them seems to last.

It’s like we’re in the days of junk drawer fitness.

Here’s the thing, what if I told you there was a program that is anti-junk drawer?

One that has been around for almost a decade,

One that guarantees results or your money back,

And has even won awards for being best outdoor fitness program in Philly.

Yeah, I’m talking about the General Fitness Company.

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Project SELFFY

If you’re tired of throwing away money on programs that kinda work owr worse, make you spend money on extra products that don’t even work.

Then you might want to strongly consider actually investing in your own fitness rather than in these junk drawer fitness companies.

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Jerry “cleaning my junk drawer as we speak” Washington

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