Lions and Mosquitoes: The Killers Of Hope

You know what’s scary? Getting your head bitten off by an animal with teeth the size of your hand. You know what’s even scarier though? Living a life where every day could be your last because you wake up dead.

Today’s “Triumphant Tuesday,” where we explore and discover real practical solutions to those obstacles and roadblocks that stand between you and success. 

Back to that whole waking up dead thing, I was just talking about. What I’m really talking about here are the small problems that we can’t control, but could potentially wreck our lives.

Let’s imagine for a second, mosquitoes and lions. Mosquitoes are some of the deadliest animals in the world. They literally are in the top 5 of animals that kill humans, yet we don’t really worry so much about them because they’re small. 

Lions, on the other hand, are big and scary. We can see that if they bite us then it’s pretty much over. So, if given the choice we try to avoid the lion bites and take our chances with the mosquitoes. 

What I’d have you consider today is those mosquitoes could be compared to the hidden diseases and afflictions that can creep on you with a few bad decisions and those lions are those VERY NOTICABLE feelings that immediately affect the way your decision making about healthy life choices. 

Don’t avoid the lions only to get attacked by mosquitoes. Don’t avoid feelings only to cover them up with food or booze or other bad decisions that can creep up on your health. Accept those feelings, do something about them, and move on. Dwelling on your feelings, no matter how strong, never ends well when it comes to trying to take responsible action towards your aspirations.

Jerry “wildlife” Washington

P.S. I’ve decided that I’m going to have a hold a free outdoor boot camp on the trail starting Wednesday, May 8th at 6 PM. One thing that really helps you to take action is to have someone that can hold you accountable. Feel free to forward this email to a workout buddy or friend. You can also share it on your social media using any of the links below.  I’ll be having something special for you if you bring a buddy…Talk soon!

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