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Why The Worst Thing Is NOT Death

Hey Broses, it’s (a) Good Friday. Happy Pesach to all my friends in the tribe as well. I’d like to start by saying that the title to this one might be a bit misleading. Death is a very tragic thing. It not only affects the person that passes, but also everyone associated with that person in some way.

But here on this “Fulfillment Friday,” the discussion is about your well-being. Feeling fulfilled in your life is something that we all aspire to do. Unfortunately, many go down tragically ineffective paths to get there. We already know what won’t get you there *cough* eating too much (crap) food, drinking too much wine, and not exercising enough *cough* so let’s talk about how you actually get there.

Stop letting fear rule your life.

Das it…but let me share a quick story. There was a man, let’s call him Jesus. He did some cool magic. People loved him and he had a cool relationship with 12 other guys. But one of his boys screwed him and left him for dead. Sucks bro, but the thing is, he didn’t run. He wasn’t scared, in fact he welcomed his would be killers.

The facts of the story get a little fuzzy from there, but the point is that one of a bajillion (actual number) reasons why this man was so revered, even after his death, is he understood that life is inherently tough. 

If he was here today, he’d probably tell us that he’s proud of what you and I have accomplished thus far. I’d also be willing to bet that he’d want you to be honest with yourself in choosing to live a life that promotes the best version of yourself. From eating right, to exercising regularly, to ensuring your place as a reliable neighbor and member of your community.

Jerry “great Friday” Washington

P.S. The thing that’s worse than death itself is knowingly not living  up to your potential. Think about it, even if you are faced with your imminent death and you decide to run scared or ignore it, you have already essentially died because fear is now in control of your life instead of you. To sum it up. never let someone or something else dictate the impact your soul can have on this planet…Talk soon!

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