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The idea of magic and science coming together may sound ludicrous by most people’s standards, but the heads over at Merck & Co. pharmaceuticals are starting to believe otherwise.

I read the other day that they will be inviting renowned parapsychologist, Dean Radin to talk about magic and the paranormal in their next conference. The fact that a mainstream company such as Merck is inviting someone that many would view as a quack to speak at their conference, raises some eyebrows.

But why are they inviting him over? What does magic have to do with science?

Turns out, TONS.

Science Proves Magic

Apparently, the science is out and is proving that things like ESP, Deja Vu, distant or remote viewing, as well other psychic phenomena to be true. Many of the procedures that are used to measure this data have reached Six Sigma level predictability. To give you an idea of what that means, most Nobel Prize winners find themselves lucky to reach five sigma with their experiments.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, a lot…and also nothing.

You see, brotholomew, there is one very important factor in all this that I want you to seriously consider. They have found that those that believe in these phenomena can actually access it. Meanwhile, those that don’t couldn’t.

Now, I know this may all sound a little outlandish, but like I said, the data is there to back it up. So the question is…

How Do You Use It

Well as I said before, you have to believe. But not only do you have to believe, but your conscious has to believe it too. This is where things like meditation, mindfulness, and intention come into play and take a huge role in determining your future.

If when you do these things, you clearly see the future that you want in front of you AND  act on it (meaning don’t just sit on the couch and wait), you will more times than not, actually experience that future.

And that’s MAGIC

So practice your meditation, it’s not just good for relieving stress. It could magically change your life…literally!

Jerry “guessing your card” Washington

P.S. I know this all sounds far out there, but you have to remember that our understanding of our environment is always changing. Mainly because we’ve lost thousands of years of knowledge in the past due to the negligence of a few unsavory people who used ignorance to maintain control. Keep in mind that with all the knowledge and technology we currently have, we still can’t figure out how the pyramids built thousands of years ago, were even made in the first place! There’s still tons for us to learn and explore. Talk soon!

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