Inside Game

Life can sometimes be frustrating

Sometimes it seems that life is moving at light speed and

Everything is happening to you at once.


Well let me drop a quick reminder here for you.

Nothing that happens on the outside didn’t first develop on the inside.


You see, what you are experiencing now is just a reflection of your

Previous thoughts, words, actions, and feelings

There are of course the rare occasions when something is beyond our control

Like when if you are struck by lightning or a branch while minding your own.

But for the most part, it’s all you broham.

Take responsibility and own your life today.

Try this for one week and see how your life is almost immediately affected.

Jerry “responsible” Washington

P.S. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I couldn’t have caused all this”

But it’s true broseph, if you seriously take a look at your life and everything

That has happened in it, you have to be the one in charge, because there have

Been so many opportunities that have come from your efforts. Keep your

Thoughts and actions authentic and the power to create change in your life will

Become more apparent each day. Talk soon…

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