You Don’t Know

Where are you from?
Is it nice where you’re from?
Is it hood with a lot of bad people?
Do you know where I’m from?

You know what bro?
None of the answers even matter
I’m from literally everywhere
And I’ve seen just about every type of person imaginable
With that experience I’ve gained insight on one thing

People are people just like you and me

You may think that one place or one person has
It better than the other,
But at the end of the day cupcake
Life is what you make of it.

It’s not where you’re from it’s what
You train yourself to feel

What’s that you say?
All I have around me are assholes
And all I see is shit?
Well I say to that, tinkle bear

If you think depressed
You will be depressed
If you think angry
You will be angry and a lot of times that anger just stays inside

You gotta forget about where you’re from broseph
And think more about where you are going
And it goes the same for your fitness

You can’t just say well this is where I am and it’s all well
And good for Joe Blow
But I have more pain in my life that you wouldn’t understand

Dude there are one legged people doing squats all over the internet
Homeless people giving money to others
Cats saving kids from vicious dogs

And yours isn’t any better than the guy down the street.
Listen, I can’t sugar coat it anymore because people just don’t get the
Message unless you tell the truth

Get out of your own head and take some action

Get more of the truth and less of the … ehem…crap
(sorry about the outburst)

Linky poo:
Jerry “area code 907” Washington

P.S. Get out of your own head. A lot of times we think that we are

Controlling our thoughts, but in fact, our thoughts are a loop that we’ve

Created based on our past experiences. To get to that next level of success

You must shake yourself out of that cycle and begin to consciously

Think about where you want to be and what you want to do with your life.

Talk soon…

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