Thanks For The Fire


I was talking to one of my boot camp members a while back
And they revealed something to me that essentially
Shocked the hell out of me

You see as a business owner,
I am responsible for a lot of things
Quality control
and a slew of other “must do’s”
But the most important thing,
And one of the reasons you are
Getting these emails,
Is marketing

A little while back,
I asked a few clients to put up some lawn
Signs I had made
They all did but one
Member left town and just told me to put it up myself

So I did.
Put it up
Checked on it a few times and then called her when
She got back to town
You know what?
(You probably already know)
The first thing she asked was if
I had put the sign up yet!


I checked and sure enough it looked like
Someone ripped my sign straight out the ground


I was less upset and more concerned however
Was this competition?
Was it someone who had a personal disdain
For me or my program?
The point broseph, is that I came away
Befuddled and at a loss for what to do next

I did then what you would expect any “A” type
Like myself to do
I went harder.
Found different avenues to get my point across
And low and behold
4 people joined the next week

So the point here cupcake is obvious
Don’t get mad, get even

If you are mad at where your progress is
Anywhere in life
(That includes fitness)

Just.Get. Even.

In other words care bear, do something about it
Not just something, but something constructive
There is no better way to stop being angry than to
Change your condition

And the easiest way to change your condition?

With this link right here (geez I’m not even sure it’ll show up):

Jerry “less angry and a bit discombobulated” Washington

P.s. If you are the one that stole my sign, I’d like to thank you

For giving me that fire to get moving in a productive direction.

If you’d like to give it back please email me here:

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