The Truth About “Giving A Damn”

I was reading a book awhile back by Jules Verne called Robar the Conqueror. It was a pretty decent book. I have to admit that I couldn’t really get into it though, but I did learn a lesson or two about conquering fears from that book.

You see, in that book you had a “hero” that was admittedly afraid of everything, but at the end, he ended up being the bravest of all his friends. It was a strange twist where the coward helped his friends conquer their foes.

Fear can prevent us from doing a lot of things that can ultimately benefit us, but how do you conquer it??

First, realize that it takes 15 seconds (some say less) to lose your willpower to do anything. So if you don’t act fast, you can just as well forget it.

Momentum is the key and it opens up a ton of possibilities if you act as soon as the thought crosses your mind, you’ll eventually overpower fear with the force of momentum.

The same happens in real life heroes all the time. Sure people like Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and others had demonstrated incredible courage, but it was not without lack of fear. There are many times when they all said that they feared for their lives. (Steve because of natural causes)

But these guys didn’t act in fear. They acted in spite of fear. What they did is fully expressed their fears. They faced up to them and acted against their fears with small actions and small projects until the world was behind them and fear became less of an issue. They did not try to pretend that it didn’t affect them. They told the world that they were afraid, but because they were strong in their reasoning why they were doing what they were doing, they still persisted and got help along the way.

I want you to consider that today. You’re allowed to be afraid. In fact, you should EMBRACE your fears. Let your fear guide you into doing something great and recognize that it exists to let you know when you’re pushing your boundaries and that you’re about to happen upon something great. Momentum > Fear = Start Now!

Remember like they always say. If it doesn’t scare you, it won’t change you.

Jerry “no fear (ok maybe a little)” Washington

P.S. When you start to move forward in life you will find that you will ALWAYS have help. Think of it like the homeless person on the street. He has to sit on the corner and beg all day so that he can eat for one day. Meanwhile, the celebrity can walk into a restaurant and eat for free. It’s all a matter of where your momentum lies. If you want to change the path of your momentum let me know by clicking here. Talk soon…

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