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So over in my daily emails, (subscribe here) I was talking about this kid I used to coach in cross country and how everyone saw him as a hero.


You’ll have to excuse me today, because this one may come off a little strange because I’m just going to continue the story where I left off in my daily email. Again, if you want to see how the beginning goes, you gotta subscribe.


So Jon, this little kid that everyone liked was not liked because he was so nice or people saw the potential for him to be great. Jon was liked because he was not there to compete.


I mean yes he was there to compete, but not with everyone else. He already knew after his for career race after the second to last place guy beat him by almost 10 minutes. But what set him apart and why everyone loved him is because he was there to compete against himself.


While everyone was there to compete against each other. It was clear that Jon was there simply to race against his time from last week.


So short story even shorter, the best way to be a hero is to know why you go out every day to compete. No, it shouldn’t be for medals or for bragging rights.


The way to become and remain a hero is to fight for a cause a legitimate cause that a lot of people can get behind and that nothing and no one can ever divert you from.


What is your cause? What makes you a hero? Ask yourself, “why”?


Jerry “short and sweet” Washington

P.S. You’ll have to forgive me, I actually had writer’s block and just really ran outta time there. This P.S. is a little later, but I think it’s just as important for us to think about writer’s block and why it happens. I’ll share with you, my theory tomorrow. Check in to discover what you can do to stop missing out on all those opportunities for success.  Talk soon…


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