You Paid What?!

Yeah $400 for jeans….


But you know what broham, I’m not really all that mad about the price. Whomever can afford these jeans  is probably not concerned about a measly $400. In fact, I’m willing to bet that said person spends approximately that amount of money every day.


But the problem is the principle.


You see brozamine, the thing that upsets me is not the money, but the opportunity. You see, someone that has that amount of money could easily create an opportunity for themselves or someone else.


So what I mean here is that these people spending this money on some clothes that look worn, could actually be saving their money and maybe paying someone to help them get their own clothes dirty.


I get fashion and making fashion statements, but what this actually represents is more than fashion. It shows that people are more willing to throw money away to appear like they are “rugged” than to actually put work in and have pride in something.


I’ve got more about this, but I’ve run out of time.


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Jerry “actually works” Washington

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