Fake Models

I was walking down by the pool and I saw someone who I thought was a model. She was taking pictures by the pool and she had one or two people around her.


Just then my friend turns to me and says, nah, she’s a fake model bro. My friend tells me to pay attention to her entourage. She continues, and says that if she were a real model, she would have more than a couple of people around her.


And that’s when it hit me that there really are levels to this stuff and a lot of people are posers.


You see, broham, if you’re not paying attention, you’ll get lost in the illusion that is social media. But not only social media, but in real life. A lot of people unfortunately are just str8t frontin’.


Like balling on a budget, but that budget is specifically set out to show the world that they got it like that, but in real life, it’s all a show.


Everyone does this in one way or another, it’s just how it goes. Not many people want to walk around like “Woe is me” and even if they did, nobody is really listening.


So with all this fake around us, how in the hell does a normal guy like you or me get our voice heard. Well in a word, authenticity. You see, those models will eventually be exposed, whether it’s a year down the road or 10, eventually everyone’s truth is exposed.


So the key to getting what you want and deserve, is not to worry about those fake models and posers that are just out there to put up a front. Because eventually that front gets too expensive to keep up and you have to have some truth.


It sucks and I know you want to drive the Rolls Royce now and stay in swanky hotels, but honestly bro, it’s probably not your time. But it doesn’t mean that it will never be your time….


There is a way to expedite the process, but I don’t have time to go into it here. I’m on vacation right now, so TBH I’m not doing a ton of work, but if you want to get in on a conversation that is showing people the exact way that I got to spend a weekend in Miami while staying in swanky hotels, then you’re in luck.


Click here


Jerry “real as can be” Washington


P.S. It really does baffle me how many people just try to front their way to the top. I completely understand the desire, but it true that many people get there the wrong way and find themselves either spending a lot of money to stay up there, or scrambling to get back up after they’ve somehow fallen. It’s not really rocket science, but people just seem to make it difficult. Idk…just click here and see if I can help make a difference in your life. Talk soon…











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