The Best (Rarely Are)

Everybody wants to be heroes except heroes

But sometimes you just become one

And even less often it’s because you don’t try
But…perception isn’t always reality.
What you don’t ever get to see is that the hero

Has, in almost every case put in massive

I mean unthinkably massive amounts of work.
Many people see the hero and just think he

Got lucky and had the right opportunities

But those opportunities would be worth nothing

Without months, maybe years of preparation
But the truth is that many throughout history

Were different than what we’d think of as

A hero or a superhero.

They were regular people that became great

Because of the love and trust they received

From friends and strangers alike.
There are a few important things that

I would like you to consider about heroes.

However, I would like to first look at a

Few heroes of the past and discuss what

They had that we may also have in us

And not even know it.
Being a hero is not easy, but it’s also

Not as hard as you’d might think if you look

At what these people did…

This guy was a hero, not for what he did, but he didn’t do

He inspired others to join his cause through several

Hunger strikes that lasted for weeks.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was all about the non-violent protest

He was probably best known for his 1,000,000 man

March and the “I have a dream” speech.

But out of those millions of people that showed up

Not one of them showed up for MLK.

It was for his cause and for the fact that he had a
Clear vision of what he wanted for our future.

By the way, it was called the I have a dream speech

Not the “I have a plan” speech.

(More on that in the p.s.)


Helen Keller

Helen was a different type of hero. She didn’t have

Any one strength except for her desire to learn.

She was blind, deaf, and didn’t really speak, but

The impact she had on the world was immense.

It was because she desired for the most basic

Of human experiences that we all are inspired by

What we can achieve. It also helps us appreciate

The blessing that is to simply be alive.


Not everyone may agree that this man is a hero

But I would be willing to bet that a vast majority

Of our lives would be drastically different without

The visionary prowess of a man who could make

A computer company also a music company

I mean a computer company making portable

Music players?
His vision to see the world in his own light

Inspired us all to follow him and buy into all

Of his products and ideas.
So all in all, a hero can have a huge impact

There are many more throughout history

That I could have named, but really it

All boils down to this:
Heroes are also leaders in that they both

Share the same characteristics that make

People follow and revere them.

Those that are willing to sacrifice themselves

For what’s right, speak their minds and

Inspire us with their vision, are the ones

That will tireless work to create that world

In their vision and we are simply left to

Marvel at their genius.
It doesn’t take a genius to be a hero

Just a person that is dedicated to happiness.

Because fulfillment comes when you bring

Happiness to others.
Jerry “bringer of smiles” Washington
P.S. MLK is a personal hero of mine. I actually have

His I have a dream speech on my iPod. One thing that

Made him such a great leader and why so many people

Followed him is because he had vision. Which is different

From a plan, because it’s really an answer to the question

“Why” which is probably the most important question

We can start with.
Let me try and put it how it was put to me.

You don’t exercise every day to hurt yourself

You exercise every day to NOT hurt yourself.

It’s the accumulation of taking little actions that

Count towards your vision of the future that

Eventually show in your body, mindset, and even

Learn more about it here in my private group

On Facebook. It’s called Project SELFFY

And if you’re looking for a place to talk about

Living the good life where you’re not eating

Chicken and broccoli out of Tupperware containers

You should consider joining the conversation.

Talk soon…

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