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Treat Yourself

You probably know good Jerry. You’ve met him in public. A lot of people say he’s a good guy. When he wakes up in the morning he looks in the mirror and says to himself, “I’m proud of you.”

Good Jerry is also super healthy. He eats a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Exercises 7-8 hours a week and meditates regularly. He even folds his own laundry, cleans the nasty hair out of the shower drain, and mops the floor. Sometimes, ALL IN THE SAME DAY.

But good Jerry gets tired sometimes. When good Jerry is resting, out comes bad Jerry to ruin the day. You don’t know bad Jerry, but you might have heard of him though. Bad Jerry means well, but he just doesn’t do the right things.

Bad Jerry will eat Taco Bell even after eating a dinner that good Jerry cooked. Bad Jerry will not exercise for days or even weeks at a time. Bad Jerry often doesn’t drink enough water and just really isn’t the epitome of health that we’d like him to be.

You see brocrastination, after doing all this stuff I don’t wanna do, I think to myself, or, I should say, bad Jerry thinks to himself, “hey I deserve to ‘treat myself’.”

Now, I don’t know if you can identify with this issue yourself, but I would have you (and bad Jerry) consider that rewards are good. You are allowed to treat yourself and you always should, especially if you’ve been putting in work. But there is one thing that I think we both could benefit from remembering when the opportunity to treat yourself arrises. 

Reward yourself with pleasure, not more pain. 

Jerry “good & bad” Washington

P.S. Rewarding yourself is one of the key ways to ensure that you’ll keep moving forward. Don’t forget that taking care of yourself is the most powerful thing you can do. Treat yourself like a community of people that spans over time and always make sure that the past takes care of the future…Talk soon!

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