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“Well” Power

Did you know that sugar can help your willpower?

Yup, it’s true. In a study they conducted to see how much energy levels affect willpower, they found that a group that was glucose (sugar) depleted was actually more likely to succumb to the pressures of temptation.

But the funny thing is that sleep has little to no effect on your willpower. Who knew? (apparently someone)

There are a few other factors that affect your willpower to get things done and we’re gonna talk about them today. But before we dive into this, I’d like to make sure I clear up something here. Many people confuse willpower with motivation. Willpower is your ability to NOT do something or the lack of energy to do something that is not serving you while motivation is associated with your WANTING to do something that will help your future.

Self Control

Your willpower is highest in the morning, however, if you are exposed to a lot of situations that require self-control (i.e. willpower) you will lose it. Apparently, willpower is limited and if you use it up in the first few hours of your day, you’re destined to make some pretty bad decisions later on in the day.

Another side of this is your level of attunement to your own self. Studies have shown that those who are people pleasers or exert self-control simply to please others, also have lower levels of willpower. So if you want more willpower, be more attuned to what makes you happy and limit your people pleasing. If people pleasing is naturally part of your job, FIND A NEW JOB! Naw just kidding, actually the best thing to do is to find a hobby that you enjoy that can help boost your run-down willpower.


Things like comedy can raise your spirits as well as your willpower. When your moods are elevated you are likely to think more highly of yourself and are less likely to make unhealthy decisions.

If you’re in a funk, you can spiral quickly with lower willpower, so by finding something that makes you happy, you can easily bust that slump. Having people around you that are supportive and can make you laugh, is a good way to keep your willpower elevated.

The Science

The science behind all this actually points to one thing. You can wish it into existence. Given all these factors, scientists took two groups of individuals, one where they told them that self-control was limited and the other was told that it could be conjured up with positive thoughts.

The group that was told that self-control was unlimited actually experienced higher levels of self-control and willpower than the group that was told it was predetermined. This goes to show that the importance of keeping good company.

All in all, self-control/willpower seems to be something that is completely within our control. We can be the greatest version of ourselves if we surround ourselves with positive influences and get those daunting tasks out of the way as soon as the day starts.

Be great, don’t start late, and always keep good company.

Jerry “will it up” Washington

P.S. To be great, you have to not be afraid of failure. Sometimes we’re gonna not live up to what we expect, but at the end of the day, you’re gonna live another day (hopefully) so don’t give up on yourself. Remember, when you succeed, you party. When you don’t, you learn. Keep learning and keep partying. Talk soon…

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