That Felt Weird

Gotta short one today
Bout to hit the road and who knows
When I’ll be sitting down again to
Give you some of that JW gold.
Anyhoo, I have to say that I was a little
Overwhelmed with this visit down south.
Of course, because of family, but also 
Because of the numerously slight differences
Between the north and the south.
I mean besides the funny accents down here
You also find that you can buy beer in gas stations
Instead of at a beer distributor 
And one that had me completely surprised, was
How you pay for stuff here. 
I was buying a few things from the store 
You know, some water, chapstick and a few other
Travel things that I wanted and I put my money
On the counter. 
The cashier, just about refused to serve me
She said that was rude…
I said um….Is it customary to walk out without
Paying for the items normally? She smiled and
Said that she would prefer it in her hand…
Sometimes, we get so stuck in the way we
Do certain things that any other way just seems
Like a waste of time, or unworkable, but
I would have you consider that
Just like when I wanted to put the money on
The counter as opposed to in that lady’s hand
Depending on where you are in life
Certain things may or may not serve you (anymore). 
So no continuation today. This one ends here
With this thought: 
It doesn’t matter how much success you’ve had
What matters is not the past, but the present. 
Is what you are doing now serving you or is it
Just something that you do, because you’ve always
Done it that way?  
Jerry “Credit card next time” Washington
P.S. It’s true, you may have done something
One way before, but if it is not serving you,
What’s the point of continuing to do it?
I mean we have cell phones instead of pagers
For a reason right?
But it’s important to honestly
Consider what you are doing currently in your life
And if it truly is getting you the best results. 
If not, I would like you to consider my private
Facebook group Project SELFFY. We’re helping
People new ways to solve old problems everyday.
See you there. Talk soon…

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