Take Your Time, But…

I had a surge today
I felt so terrible about yesterday,
That I got the work of two men
Done today
Which technically makes me par
For the course since I didn’t do
Much yesterday

The lesson here is short yet simple.

Take your time but hurry up.

Check it out homie
We aren’t robots,
Well at least I’m not
So that being said, we all
Experience highs and lows in both energy and emotion

Tis normal to sometimes need
Some time to reboot after emotional and or physical highs
And it’s more than ok to let
Yourself rest when you need to

You see care bear, we live
In a society that for some Ungodly reason praises insane
Working hours instead of praising the quality of work put in each day

That’s not me bro and nor should it be you.

Fitness is the same way
You can’t keep hammering away
Thinking that every strike is going to be with the same force (again, we are not robots)
If you need time, take it.

But hurry up…

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Jerry “Jackhammer” Washington

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