Rabbit Hunting (kinda…)

I was reading the other day (yes I read)
And I came across a cool story
About an opportunist that found not one but two rabbits to hunt

This guy, instead of hunting one
Then the other, tried to get them both at the same time so he could save time and eat faster
Only problem was, once he
Locked on to one, the other would come along, and distract him
So that he would lose focus
And try to chase the other rabbit
Ultimately, this guy went home
Empty handed.

You see broseph, it’s the same
With fitness

Too often you see people get
Caught up trying to follow the
Latest fitness fads or diet programs
Because they believe
They will be more effective
All the while, they’re never really
Getting anywhere.

It can be hard because you just want to get to your goal A.S.A.P and it seems like Something’s new every day and not to mention,
That you’re probably bored with those lame
Ass ellipticals that you call yourself working
Out on.

At the General Fitness Company
We’ll get you results and keep You wanting to come back consistently.

You wouldn’t walk away from something that works would you?

Didn’t think so.

Jerry “be vewy, vewy quiet” Washington

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