What’s Worse?


I think about what could possibly be worse than a secret

I mean, don’t you feel a little weird around someone

That has a secret that they aren’t telling you?

Kinda uneasy?


But we all run around with our little secrets

We try to hide our bad habits

We fight our addictions

We even try to pretend that we’re perfect.



You know, it’s hard because just about

Everyone has a secret, yet we all run

Around acting like no one else is supposed

To have a secret and when someone

Finds it out we all act all mightier than thou

The next time that person’s name is mentioned


I caught myself doing the same thing until I took

A look at myself and I realized that shaming of

Any sort is a low vibration mindset.


Honestly, shaming is our way deflecting from the issues

In our own life and refocusing them on the flaws

Of others so that we can feel better about our own shit.


So I started a system, but I don’t want to release it

Right here to the public.

But if you want to learn how you can be a leader

And not someone who follows what everyone does

And gets what everyone else gets,

Email me here  and we can have a conversation.


Jerry “skeletons?” Washington


P.S. I’ve also started a private Facebook group

Where we discuss the fundamentals of helping

Ourselves become better selves so we can later

Help others. Join Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

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