Brag List

First I want to start off by saying

My bad, the link in yesterday’s email

Somehow disappeared in cyberspace, so

Here you go, if you’re keep score at home.


NE ways you ever burnt the f#@*

Outta yo mouth because your food was too hot?

But you just kept eating anyway, cuz it was so

Damn good? I just did!


I’m making the bangingest jerk chicken

And peas with garlic and potatoes.


Why am I talking about my dinner? 

Well I’m proud of my homemade “recipe”

And it’s one of the things I brag about to

Myself when I need a change of perspective. 


I think that we all need to have something

That we can brag about that we can honestly

Do better than others. 


What can you do that you are proud of?

It doesn’t haven’t to be something that you

Monetize right away, but let me share 

A little something about how your interests

No matter how banal and meaningless 

Can actually lead to fulfillment (and money)

In the weirdest way you could probably



So…imagine… some dude on the couch

Just playing video games all day.

He’s “kinda” got a 9-5 but he’s allowed

To work from home, so he spends most of

His time playing video games and the rest

Thinking about what he’s gonna do when

His company finally goes under.


Then one day he notices that the stats

For a particular type of user for his new

Website he created were through the roof.


This was a website in which people could

Live stream all of their videos. It was a huge

Success until people started just recording

T.V. With their phones.


That’s when the Supreme court stepped in.


With the courts coming down on this young

Entrepreneur’s company, everything looked

All but lost cept for one thing.


The video game streamers, his personal

Favorite stream were a loyal group that

Showed so much growth and promise that

He and his business partner were able to

Broker a $1.3 billion <— With a B

Deal with amazon.

The name of this company?

Twitch t.v.


Afterward, Justin Kan, one of the founders

Said one very interesting thing.

He said although he went through a lot

And spent a lot of time thinking that he

Was a failure, he said that anyone can

Do what he did.


The only problem is that most of us don’t

Even try because we don’t believe we can

And at the first sign of adversity, say that

It wasn’t meant to be.


One way to prevent this is to create

A brag list that you can reflect on.

The purpose of this list is to give you

Self confidence based on evidence so

That you will have to confidence to

Succeed in the future.


I would have you consider that the

Only real difference between success

And failure is confidence which only

Comes from practice.


Jerry “billionaire couch potato”? Washington


P.S. If you’re interested in the full story

Here’s the Twitch TV/Interactive Wiki page

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