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Regret. The Lesson Never Learned…

It’s sad, right? You sit there thinking to yourself what your life could be if you had changed a few key decisions. Regret is something that gets to a lot of people, but today we’re gonna talk about how to eliminate it completely.




Well, let’s chat. Here. Now. What do you most regret? For most, it’s always a decision they made NOT to do something. Why is that? Well, first, it is that we understand that you can’t get time back. You can’t recreate events and get the exact same opportunity to do the opposite of what you did. So that’s a major factor. But what can we do about that? It seems that if you can’t go back and change what you did, then regret is pretty much a pointless emotion.

Oh..but it soooo isn’t!

Regret’s Lesson

The reason why we have regret is to learn a lesson. If we don’t learn the lesson, then we will continue to regret. You see, regret is simply a lesson that we have yet to learn. However, when you focus on the past, then you decrease your ability to impact your future. So it’s kind of a double-edged sword if you don’t deal with regret. Almost like groundhog’s day…

So what’s the lesson? Well, the lesson is that you have to find where you make your mistake. You have to figure out what it is that made you make the mistake in the first place and correct that as immediately as possible.

Happier Life

It’s really as simple as getting to the root of your issue. If you regret gaining weight, all you have to do is simply find the cause –whether it be over-eating, or lack of exercise — and get after it.

Everything has a root cause. If you have something that is happening or has happened in your life that you haven’t dealt with, you can bet that the best way to get past it and get on with your life is to search for and confront the root of what is causing you to regret in the first place.

Find it. Confront it. Change how you approach it. Be Happy…The End

Jerry “always learning” Washington

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