You’re Not Just AnyBODY

So you’re probably here wondering what I mean…

You’re not just anybody?

Yeah, you probably hear those words of encouragement all the time.

Well,  I’ve got news for you. After reading this right here, you’ll have the knowledge you need to know what you and your BODY should be doing to stay in the most optimal shape.

“Know Thyself”

Knowing what body type you have is the key to losing fat and gaining muscle so if you’d like to have a lean body and strong muscles, I suggest you pay close attention.

Body Type 1: The Ectomorph

Ectomorph may sound like something from the Ghost Busters movie, but the best example is actually that girl over there that weighs 116 pounds, has never worked out,  and is eating that hamburger with extra bacon. She’s able to do that because she has a higher metabolism.

If that’s you, well you’re in luck. If you wanna get your body into gear, all you have to do is cut down your calorie intake and get to work on a little bit of weight training and cardio. Emphasis on the weight training if you’re trying to develop your muscles and trying to avoid that “skinny fat” look.


Body Type 2: The Endomorph

The endomorph body type is the one that is the most frustrating for most people. They are the ones that barely eat anything and gain like 10 pounds. They easily gain fat and are usually the ones that you see trying to lose weight by jumping on the cardio machines for hours at a time.

Unfortunately, that’s the wrong move…sorta. For endomorphs, the important thing is a fine balance of fats, carbs, and proteins. 33% for each should do. As for the workouts, your main focus has to be weight trainingWeight training increases your metabolism and helps you be more efficient at burning fat so you’re not spending your precious time on a treadmill or elliptical.


Body Type 3: The Mesomorph

This is a combination of the first two, with a unique twist. These people are built to be athletes. They normally put on or lose weight quickly due to their ability to maintain muscle mass.

The best type of training for these type of people is HIIT (high intensity interval training) or explosive plyometrics (jumping) type exercises. In terms of diet, the best thing to do is to keep carbs to a minimum and eat good fats (not french fries) to keep the metabolism up.

Some examples of good fats are fish, olive oil, and pretty much any type of nuts.


So there you have it, the long and the short of getting into great shape.

What’s your body type? If you’re not sure, check out this article from to find out more about how you can finally get the body you want.

Jerry “EVERYbody” Washington

P.S. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what you should and could do to get into peak condition. It’s simply an outline to help get ya started. If you really want to see results you can visit GFC in person or we can set up something remotely. Either way, I guarantee you’ll see a huge difference in your body almost as soon as you start our program…Talk soon!

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