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Pressure Bursts Pipes

Ok so maybe I’ve been under a little pressure lately. I try to write every day for you my loyal reader because frankly, I care about you. I wanna see you succeed because I believe in raising the standard all around. We don’t live like we did 200, 100, even 50 years ago because of people that believed in a higher standard for all.

But you know with granny bear just kinda fighting for her life right now, it’s been difficult. There are problems that can easily be solved in this world, especially when it comes to relationships and business, but when it comes to life and death, the lines tend to get a little fuzzy.

De-stress not Suppress

But I’ve found a real solution that can help in relieving the pressure of stress. The best part is that you won’t wake up tomorrow morning feeling hung over or embarrassed. There’s no chance of you waking up wondering if that was a bad dream or the reality of what happens to you when you actually drink beer before liquor.

The solution? Simple.

You gotta do more winning than losing. It’s pretty much a game of stacking the odds in your favor and knowing how is key. Now I don’t have a lot of time left, because I try to keep these short for you, but I’d have you consider this before I go.

Confidence is the key to winning whatever you want in life. But the most important thing is to protect that confidence.

How do you protect your confidence?

Well that’s a question I don’t exactly have time for today, but if you’d like to discuss this more, feel free to email me here. I’d be happy to have a personal conversation with ya. Otherwise I encourage you to leave your comment below. Thanks for reading.


Jerry “plumber” Washington


P.S. If you know anyone with a blog similar to this one and you’d like to recognize them, drop a shout out to them in the comment section below. I think there is value in finding like minded people to help in your cause. Thank your friends below for what they do, they deserve it and so do you. Talk soon…

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    1. It’s in there, it first starts with looking at least one good thing you’ve done every day and start from there. Thank you for your comment!

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