Passion, But Not Really

Did you know that among other things such as composing operas and playing instruments besides the piano, Beethoven had a passion for writing? In fact, after Beethoven’s death, they found his letters in a drawer by his bed.

Here’s an excerpt from one of these letters: “…Oh continue to love me, never misjudge the heart of your most faithful ‘L.’ Ever thine, ever mine, ever for each other.”

Passion obviously spilled into those love letters. However, Beethoven was described as a relatively gruff guy. I mean, you can’t really blame him though, could you imagine being deaf in the 1880’s? Gotta be frustrating.

But the point is that Beethoven found something that made him curious. Music, or in a much broader sense, communication, helped him to establish a base to explore from.

The question is, what are you passionate about? What drives you every morning? For me, honestly, it’s finding little things like the “real story” of Beethoven and making connections that will help you to understand how to amplify abundance in your life.

For you, it might be totally different. But most importantly, if it’s for you, it’s never too late to start. Your passion and curiosity may not seem like an advantage at first, but you’ll find in the long run, if it’s not more profitable, it’ll most likely be close and the feeling of fulfillment will far outweigh any experience or thing you could purchase.

What is it that you love, what makes you curious? Are you doing that right now? If not, maybe it might be time to consider developing that on the side. It’s all about the side hustle nowadays and if you don’t have one, you’re behind the times (so to speak).

So keep growing your passion, stay curious, and never think that you’re too old to start something great.


Jerry “s 5th symphony” Washington

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