Hey, what’s up?! If you’re just tuning in, this week in my daily email, I spotlighted a few geniuses that, in my opinion, helped to change the way we perceive and act in this world. We started off with Beethoven the pimp and we’re gonna end right here on the man I believe was the greatest genius of all time, Jesus.

Now, Jesus isn’t a genius in the same way Einstein or Elon Musk are. They are in inventors and visionaries. Jesus, whether you believe in his miracles or not, repeatedly showed people that you don’t have to invent Paypal or come up with the theory of relativity to have your name spoken thousands of years later. Jesus showed us the power of what we already have…love.

Let’s just say he didn’t do all those miracles and didn’t rise from the dead like people claim. I’m not naive enough to think that everything in the bible is literal, but it is his message of love and learning how to win despite losing that intrigues me.

Let me splain what I mean. Jesus was a great teacher. He had followers, but he never asked them to worship him. Instead, he preached to them the meaning of love and the power of it to every person. Sure, there are people out there that have not so great intentions that may make you feel slighted, but Jesus taught us that as a whole, people are good.

Genius. It’s not always about being the most creative and thinking outside of the box to make a billion dollars on an idea. The greatest genius of all time, at least for me, was a genius because he taught us the fundamental truth about love.

Love is the most powerful force in this universe. It’s not gonna get you a ton of likes on social media per say, but it will give you a level of fulfillment that no job, or good deed, or amount of money can fill.

I would like you to consider the following, you aren’t going to win everything. You aren’t going to be the best all the time. But what you can be is loving and understanding. You can absolutely control your attitude all time.

But let’s not get this confused with delusionally happy all the time. Sometimes tough love is needed too. Sometimes you have to lose. Sometimes you are gonna be on the bottom. But that’s what makes life great and drives us closer to love and ultimate success in life.

There are no gimmicks to truth, honesty, and love. There is no, property time to post about love. There are not 7 guaranteed ways to love. Jesus simply taught us that in the long run, if you want to always win, you always love. Not like, LOVE.

Jerry “loving” Washington

P.S. I’m in no way religious although I was blessed with a religious background. I’m not asking you to consider joining Christianity, just to consider what we already know to be true about living a fulfilled life. You don’t win by winning. You win by loving. Talk soon…

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