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It isn’t every day that I reach a milestone, so I kinda wanna celebrate. Nothing really special, it’s just that I’ve been working with my inner circle for two years now and I’ve been writing daily emails for them ever since (subscribe here). I’m pretty excited though so I wanted to spread the love with you.


If you are in the Philadelphia area you’re in luck. (If not, tell a friend that’s here) I’m offering my services for free.


You see, I’ve written so many emails and so many blogs that have helped people in their lives, I’ve gotten kind of addicted to helping people. And I want to really help people, not because I’m trying to get rich off of them, it’s because I really care about the state of our world.


I’m gonna keep this positive today, but the way I see it, for every fake news article, for every advertisement that says you “NEED” this or you “HAVE TO HAVE” that, I want to help someone realize that the answer to fulfillment does not lie in those things. In fact, I’ve learned over the past couple of years that there is so much more to life than THINGS.


So I’m giving some things away. Membership to my program to be exact. For those of you in the know, (and if you aren’t you are now) you’ll know that I’m building out a fitness studio. But I don’t want it to be just any fitness studio.


It’s gonna be the General Fitness Company and it’s going to approach fitness in a whole new way. I’m taking my business degree (MBA) and my previous stint in the psychology field and I’m combining them to create the ultimate program for success.


And I’m offering it to you for free. Well actually, I’m giving you entrance into it for free ($440 value) I’ve been training people for over a decade with fitness and I think it’s time to add more because you have asked for more. And I’m one of the few personal trainers that you know that has a psychology and business degree, so ummm…it’s like a no brainer to start a program like this.


If you want in on the $440 jumpstart, just click the link below and type in “thanks for 730” in the comment section and I’ll get in contact with you to get started as soon as I can.


Here’s that link: 2 year celebration


Jerry “thanks again” Washington


P.S. This has been my brain child for a long time. Because I’ve felt the need for it myself. I’ve been there where I’ve had a ton of money and I blew it all just trying to find happiness and in the process, I also blew a lot of people out of my life. I know why that happened and for the most part, it’s because we’ve been fed misinformation so that companies could get richer. That’s not my goal, I just want something to leave behind that my children can say that “daddy made a difference” So if you would like to help me with that (and help yourself in the process), click the link above to get started. Talk soon…

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