Lettuce Pray…


Ha! Little play on words for you there.

I thought of it while I was making a salad



If you think about it though it can mean

Something huge for your life.

Think about how you cook. 


I doubt you’re making 3D printed meals

So my guess is that you add ingredients

And maybe even have some sauces or

Drinks that you might be making from



I know you cook so, you know that 

Everything can’t all happen at once.

It has to take time right?

Not only does it take time, but it takes



I trust that you understand where 

I’m coming from with this analogy


So let me continue…


When you make a dish it takes timing

Just like with life and each ingredient

That you choose has certain properties.


When you’re making an omelet

Some things go on before others

And some other things get mixed in

I’m not exactly sure how to make an omelet

So I’m kinda making this up, but

I think you get my point.


Some times we want everything to

Happen all at once.

People often say hey I did everything

I was supposed to to be happy, where’s

My happiness I was supposed to have?


It doesn’t work that way, there are

Some things, things that haven’t happened yet

That need to be added in later to make your

Meal (life ) more complete.


It’s not exactly like creating a meal however.

The thing about life is that unlike eating

Under cooked bacon you actually have

The opportunity to enjoy it while you’re making it.


So how’s the best way to enjoy it?

Well that my friend, is up to you to decide

You have the ingredients, you just have to determine

What it is that you want to make.


Jerry “making success” Washington


P.S. If you want to talk more about what

Ingredients you might personally want to

Enhance or change in your life, click the link

To join my private Facebook group

Project SELFFY. Talk soon…


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