Half-Hearted = Fully Bruised Behind

So the other day I’m talking to a girl friend of mine
She’s a gymnastics coach on the side so
We were comparing notes on our different
Training backgrounds

We were talking about how to teach people something new
Like performing a new stunt in gymnastics or
Learning a new technique for an obstacle
We both agreed on one thing

If you half ass anything trick or stunt, you’re gonna get hurt

I’m not saying that if you do go all out that you won’t get hurt
But the odds are much more in your favor that you’ll have more
Control over what you are doing and will be able to land properly
Should something go awry

This of course, applies to life as well
Sometimes, hombre it can be easy to go halfway and
See no results then say it didn’t work

I realized this when I was first trying to conquer
My first real challenge the salmon ladder
I always got hung up on one side which simply
Meant that I was only controlling the side I
Was looking towards
So the person helping me
Told me that I just have to look straight ahead
And trust that I put forth enough effort to get both
Parts of the ladder over the rungs
Since that day I rarely have issues with that obstacle

So it’s like this cupcake
If you trust what you’re doing you save
Yourself the time and effort of meticulously checking
Your work,
You’ve done it a million times

That’s how I feel with our program
I’ve studied many forms of training and
I’ve used my knowledge to compete in many
Athletic competitions including my recent
Run at American Ninja Warrior

I will check your work for ya and help
You succeed faster because you won’t
Be afraid to do something new or review
Something that may be challenging

You ready to go all out?
There’s no time like the present and our present is time…

Jerry “full throttle” Washington

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