Keeping It Fresh…

I was studying the other day (sleeping in front of my computer)
And I woke up to an interview with Mario Batali on some daytime talk show

One of the women asked Mario the best way to cook Italian because
She wanted to host a party for her Italian in-laws

Mario came up with something like 5 rules to cooking Italian
But unfortunately I was still only half awake as I was processing this
So I only really remember one or two

Rule Number 1
Always, ALWAYS buy in season.
Apparently veggies like Asparagus, offer a more robust flavor at Easter dinner than Thanksgiving
Flying those veggies in from afar has an irreversible effect on its taste

Rule Number 2
Freshy fresh.
If one bag of parsley is 7 cents more than a 3 day old bag, buy the fresh one
Is your health really worth 7 cents?

How much parsley are you really eating anyway broham?
In other words…

Rule 1
You can’t have everything you want whenever
You want it

Rule 2
Don’t make a small price difference ruin your opportunity
To treat yourself to the best

I pretty much fell asleep after that
Snoozed off to go on to dream about dragons and monkeys

But I digress
While I may not agree with his
Frying asparagus in olive oil
Mario is on to something here

So that being said
If you’re the type that thinks you are gonna get
Fit just by paying for it, you’ve got another thing coming
Furthermore, if you are the type that shops for price over quality

Then the General Fitness Company is not for you

But if you’re looking for a solid kick-ass program that really sticks
To your ribs and melts away fat like a hot knife through
Buttered garlic bread well then

Click here if you know what’s good for ya:

Jerry “EVOO” Washington

P.S. Like me and not sure what fruits and veggies are in season? You might find this chart handy:

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