Ghetto Success Tips…

You may remember Valley Forge Fitness, my first go at running a business. There were some (ok a lot of) mistakes that I made, but what I got from that experience though is that relationships are uber important.

What’s most important is not how wide you reach, but how deep of an impact you can make on who you reach. And I don’t mean in that hippie dippy way where you’re broke, struggling to pay bills, and eating dog food while you preach about serving a “greater cause.” At the end of the day, the greater cause is YOU because, as a friend said to me the other day, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

I’m not saying to be selfish here either. Because there is a ton of value in giving your time and helping others. What I’m getting at here though is that there are way too many people out there who’s balance is way out of whack. It’s all a matter of give and take. And if you do too much of either, whether it be through chasing money, trying to please others, or not living your truth, you’re doing it at the expense of your own mental and physical health.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that most people can’t expect to become billionaires like Zuckerberg or even have a hope of being ridiculously inventive like Elon Musk. But you CAN be great in your own right.

Why Ghetto Success Tips???

Because we ain’t rich! LOL! No, but for realzies, I call this ghetto success tips, because we all can’t afford to simply throw money at problems to figure them out. Not only do you need talent, but you need connections, like A LOT OF THEM.  So the thing is, if you have neither, then you have to rely on a viable strategy that will get you going right??


So here it is, your strategy.

You ready??

Ok here goes.

Work hard, but not too much.

Be patient, but ready to move.

Trust in yourself, but listen to others.

And most importantly….

Keep learning, loving, and living

Simple, but impossible to do on your own. It’s why all 50 of the 50 companies in Forbes all have outside mentors for their executives. It’s why all of the greatest inventors and creators of great things had partners and sidekicks.

Find out what a partner like General Fitness Company could do to help you become a better individual and if not us, find someone that can help you to have a greater impact on the world. We all need more people like you, trying to help us all experience a better existence.

Jerry “better than classy ways to fail” Washington

P.S.  The first place to look on achieving success is from people that have already done it before. So if you’re looking to make tons of money, don’t go asking someone that’s made a few more dollars than you. Similarly, you wouldn’t ask someone who’s life is a complete disaster for relationship advice. It’s always a good idea to check your mentor’s/coach’s/fitness company’s street cred before listening to their advice. Here’s our’s. Talk soon…


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