Just DO IT

An older friend, had some advice for me some years after I had become a personal trainer. Here I was again in a situation where I had a steady income, but I just felt like something was missing. I didn’t know what it was, but I figured that maybe he could help me figure it out.

I had been thinking that this was possibly the moment. This was what I always dreamed of. It was time to start an official fitness company.  But maybe it wasn’t the time. I had a steady income and my son was just born. This wasn’t the time to pivot on my career…

But apparently, it was. You see, my friend kept telling me over and over that, I should just do it. Every excuse I had, his response? “Just do it.” It got to the point where after awhile I started to believe that maybe I should just go on and do it. This was when the craziest thing happened.

It was when I finally said that maybe this was actually possible that everything started opening up. It wasn’t like I got lucky or anything, it was like I saw the world completely differently and all of a sudden, opportunities that I would normally overlook or see other people get, were actually coming to me. 

Honestly, I’ve heard people say that themselves and I never believed them. But it happened like magic and I think that’s just got the universe works. If you want something and you truly believe you will get it AND you put in the work, you will succeed in getting it.

So if you don’t have the money, “Just DO IT.” You don’t have the time? “DO IT.” If you’re afraid of what will happen “DO IT.” You might think you’re not going to do it right “Just DO IT.” People might laugh at you. “Just DO IT.” What ever your excuse, “Just DO IT.”

Jerry “Just DO IT” Washington

P.S. Whenever you ask yourself what to do, just do it. It’s not hard. Don’t ask what to do, just do it. It’s really that simple. The easiest, yet hardest route to success you’ll find. Talk soon…

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