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How’d You Get So Thin?!

How’d You Get So Thin?!

That’s what I heard today as someone fumbled to grab my attention.
I was working out so I was in the zone then I see this guy give me the
Pull out your earphones, I want to interrupt your workout gesture.
He says, dude how’d you get so thin?
I laugh and tell him I’m not thin, I’m lean ha!
But honestly, it wasn’t easy (at first), but I think I figured out the easiest
Way to get thin and stay thin.

It’s actually easier than you think. 

You see, for awhile I was working out hard, eating all the 
Things that you were supposed to eat and I just couldn’t lose weight
Then I experimented.
I thought to myself, if the average American eats about 2,000 calories a day
And if more than the average of the population is overweight, then why am I
Doing what everyone else is doing?
I thought about it and decided to reduce my calories….A LOT 
I’m not gonna tell you how much, but let’s just say that the guy who started
This conversation asked me “Is that even healthy?”
I responded back, with one of my greatest hits
About the resilience of the human body and how it survives many other
Worse things that we inflict upon it. (Cheers mate)
So in short, it wasn’t anything special that I did to lose weight and get lean.
In fact, it was all in what I didn’t do
…stuff my face full of chicken sandwhiches… (nom)
But the moral of the story here is this. 
You may have goals and aspirations, but to achieve them, you can’t expect to
Do what you’ve always done or what other people are doing for that matter.
If you want something to work for you, then you have to experiment and
Be somewhat fearless in accepting the results, good or bad.
Because at the end of the day, if you want something bad enough
You’ll figure out a way to make it happen.
Jerry “making it happen” Washington
P.S. I write this not to brag about my weight loss, but as an evident truth
That experiments are what help us grow and find out more about ourselves
And how the world works around us. If there was an ultimate truth that 
We all could find, I would imagine someone would have found it by now.
But until then, keep experimenting. If you’ve got something that you’ve
Experimented with recently that you’d like to share, join me in my private
Facebook group Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

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