Steal A Job Pay The Price

Awww man! Billy G. went H.A.M on the metal faces recently
What am I talking about?
Well our friend the computer nerd Bill Gates says that
Robots need to pay taxes because they are taking money from
Others that would pay taxes.
Damn Bill why you had to come at the robots like that?
But you know, Bill actually has a pretty good point.
You see, the robots that people are employing have helped
Companies save wads of cash that they are in turn, not using
So you have a lose-lose here where companies are taking potential
Dollars and instead of it circulating in the economy, it simply gets
Tucked away for a rainy day (like maybe when the robots revolt?)
But there is a valuable lesson that we can all take away from this.

I would like you to consider that hoarding is stealing.

Call it karma or what have you
But when you take something from one place after awhile
Without replacing it, it either
A) Will cease to exist or 
B) Will want back what you took from it
Either way, its apparent that something like value has to either be
Redistributed or returned. 
So now the question is, what do you have that you are holding on to?
What do you have that has value that needs to go back out in the world?
Would Bill Gates say that you are stealing?
But the point here isn’t actually about whether you’re stealing 
It’s really what you’re giving.
And I hope for all of our sake it’s at least 
A damn…
Jerry “robothief” Washington
P.S. This one got away from me a little, but I hope it doesn’t distract from
The point that I’m trying to make about the importance of sharing 
Your highest value with the world.
I suppose I could have summed this email with one simple rule
Redistribute what you can’t return. Talk soon…

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