Election Stealing

I can’t believe it!

How did he get away with it?

No, I’m not talking about political elections

I’m talking about the power of choice 

Over our feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

You see, each day we are given a choice. A real choice

You can choose freedom or you can choose to be controlled.

You can allow others to control what you think (he stole it?)

Or you can make up your mind on your own about what’s really important.

I want to invite you to think about this in the upcoming days.

The answers to your frustrations are within your own power.

I don’t want to get all froo froo on you, talking about spiritual vibrations

But I do believe that there is a shift happening and people are starting to realize

What we are truly here to do.

We all want better, we all want more.

Look around, the wars aren’t even the same.

Countries aren’t at war with other countries

They are fighting within themselves as they look to leaders for a better life.

And it’s probably gonna keep happening.

Yet, in reality, the leaders that people put in place are powerless

And have no more control over our real freedom than an

A frat boy has over his liquor on a weekend.

I encourage you to not get caught up in these things that cause you

Unnecessary fear, because fear perpetuates itself and

Rarely brings you viable long term solutions.

Real solutions come from learning, broham.

Not learning in the sense that you find out information

But in the way that affects your life and becomes something that you know

It becomes more than a process of learning.

It becomes a process of knowing.

And throughout that process your sphere of influence grows and

Becomes a light beaconing through the fog of ignorance like

A guide to wayward ships throughout the night.

It really is your choice.

There is nothing being stolen.

You can choose to live a life of power.

Or you can choose to give it away.

Jerry “Election taker” Washington

P.S. I thought about putting in a few links so you could get the scoop on what I saw

But then I thought twice about it and decided that it would be better to not give anymore

Attention to that type of energy. I will instead leave you with this. If you want to join in on

A mastermind group that I’ve created that’s helping real people like you focus on what’s really

Important to all of us then I would have you consider by-passing your Facebook wall and joining

My private Facebook group Project SELFFY

In there, we not only talk about issues, but help create

Workable solutions based on the works and actions of all the greats of the past.

Let’s continue this discussion there. Talk soon…

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