What Can an Onion Teach You?

Was talking to a friend the other day and we were discussing the things that concern us about life as adults. Feels like it can be a little overwhelming at times trying to balance the personal life, business life, philosophies and the like.

You see hombre, I talk to this gentleman about just about everything, because I trust his opinion and I feel comfortable saying what’s on my mind.

It reminds me of the movie Shrek in it, he and donkey go on a quest to find the kidnapped princess Fiona and during that journey, they do a little soul searching and find out a little about themselves

Shrek compares himself to an onion in that he has many layers.
That ogre isn’t just a pretty face, he’s got feelings too.

In a way, we are all like Shrek and we peel off our layers when we find ourselves in a comfortable place or if we happen across people that make us feel at ease.

I’ve been working with people just like you for over a decade.

Intelligent, driven people just like yourself that simply need a little tweak with what they’re doing.

They have the same motivations and desires.

Hey, some even come in with the same layers (some may call it fat)

By any rate, they felt comfortable enough with our program
And the people in it to share with us their true motivation and
In turn, we have helped them peel off the layers and feel right
At home working alongside people that all have the same goal in mind.

Start peeling here: http://generalfitnesscompany.com/

Jerry “Onion head” Washington

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