Awfully Awesome

There was someone who once said that when people 
Lose their sense of awe, something awful comes 
And reminds them of it.
You actually see this just about everywhere.
People get something nice, get tired of it 
Then move on to the next thing.
Well, that my feathered friend is the fist way to find yourself in
A never ending chase for the next best thing, until you
Inevitably run into that awful thing I was talking about earlier.
The best way to avoid the awful reminding you of the awesome is to
Always appreciate.
Wherever you are, whatever you do, your purpose is larger 
Than you could ever imagine.
To show appreciation is to show that you do not judge events
To be good or bad, but as opportunities to learn, grow, and improve your situation.
It may not be the easiest thing to do however; and that is why it is
Important to practice consistently.
Practice appreciation and you will automatically be given more to appreciate.
Jerry “appreciate all” Washington
P.S. Every opportunity, no matter how sucky it might seem at first
Is an opportunity for more to appreciate.
The best thing to do rather than forecast negativity and displaying a lack of appreciation
For life and it’s experiences is to do what you can to shine a light on the parts in life
That we should all appreciate so that we can create and receive more for everyone.
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