Lean On Me

Like the song says, there are times when you need someone to lean on
And it’s not always necessarily for a shoulder to cry on.
Sometimes you need to lean on someone for a little support
Or understanding of issues that effect you. 
Sometimes the simple act of leaning can help you
Steady your hand when your attempts seem to be all over the place.
So if you need some help in the area of health and happiness
Don’t be afraid to lean on someone that can help keep you on course
So whether you’re leaning on someone for support or you are
The support for someone else, know that there is always someone
That most likely cares for you and is willing to help you hit your mark.
Jerry “comforting lean” Washington
P.S. This actually came from a book I’ve been reading called the Tao Te Ching
Where it talks about the more we learn about nature and it’s tendencies, the more likely
We are to succeed. If you want to continue this discussion click below to jump in on the conversation:

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